Increasing sales revenue takes more than having a great website and good product. Increasing online sales is the primary target of every new business in this article, we’ve gathered information from experts from every field to share with us their insights on how to boost your sales revenue.

There are many ways you can boost sales online. In this post, we’ll be looking at 23 such tips and strategies, so whether you sell physical goods or run a service-based business, here are 23 working techniques you can use to increase online sales and performance.

23 working strategies to increase sales revenue:

1. Design your Online Store to be user-friendly

To promote your sales and start attracting customers, you must invest in a website that is well-designed and user-friendly. With the help of a well-designed and user-friendly website, you can increase your brand experience and potentially grow your business by successfully converting visitors on your website into customers.

A well-designed and user-friendly website is also easy to navigate allowing you to promote your business’ message effectively.
The functionality of your website becomes appropriate and efficient. Ease of accessibility, clarity and automated collection of client details, events and payments are some of the other brilliant benefits which help boost your profits. If would be saving you a lot of money, which would have been otherwise spent in manual labor.

2. Quality Product Images and description

Invest in Quality Product Images and description

It is proven with the help of compelling evidence that food which is presented well will taste better than food that is ill-plated. This is clear evidence of the fact that we tend to perceive things based on their appearances, thereby being a plausible reason to invest in the good quality of photos for your products.

Having good photography for the products on your site will have a similar effect on the minds of the people visiting your website. It is important that you start including high-quality photographs of your products, and also include a vast range of the same.

Product description is equally important in helping drive sales to your website. A good product description has the capability of attracting a targeted audience, with the use of tools like keywords, alt tags, meta-descriptions, etc. If these two are implemented in a proper manner, you will have a greater potential of boosting the sales of your website, by being able to appear on the top of search engine results pages.

3. Grow Online Sales with Mobile Optimization

eCommerce Web

Mobile optimized website in 2019 is must for every business. Out of all internet users from all over the world, as many as 51.96 is the percentage of internet users that use mobile phones to access the internet. It is amazing to see the number of websites that have still not taken advantage of this vast cesspool of potential customers.

The volume of search made on desktops has long been overshadowed by the volume of searches made on a smartphone. Unless you want to lose the change of having great sales, it is important that you get your website optimized for mobile phones, and that too not just in the technical sense. It is important to make the user experience of the visitor as smooth as possible.

This can either be accomplished by the launch of a mobile site that is entirely separate, extensive overhauling in the checkout process of your website or the optimization of design in order to make it best suited for mobile phones. In order to boost the sales for your company, it is important to create an experience for website visitors that is user-friendly.

4. Reduce Friction in the Checkout Process

According to news released by the Business Insider, online merchandise worth $4 trillion was abandoned in shopping carts that were not complete on many different websites in just the last year. Out of this entire bulk, as much as 63% of these losses were recoverable.

This statistic is truly mind-boggling and reveals the essence of having a smooth and seamless process for checkout on your website.
Your conversion rates will experience a visible boom by helping better the user experience with the reduction of friction in the checkout process of your website.

As important as it is to make the navigation of your website smooth, it is even more important to make the buying process of your website smoother.
You should try to irradiate any unnecessary procedure that might scare away potential customers. These may include the exclusion of irritating forms or timing your users out in the case of mistakes and forcing them to start all over again from the beginning.


5. Authenticated and must be more secure

It is quite evident that nobody would want to transact on a website that they don’t feel safe about. Being a website owner, it is also a risk for your business, to have a website that is not secured properly. Therefore, in order to ensure that your customers feel safe while making transactions on your website, having proper security measures set up is very important.

More the number of customers start trusting in you, more will the traffic of your website start to grow. The authentication of your website is another very important step, in order to increase trust within your customers regarding the credibility of your company.
A website which is authenticated is one that can be trusted on more easily. Therefore, authentication and security are two major steps that you must ensure in order to see the traffic of your website and online sales start growing.

6. Show-Off Customer Testimonials and Trust Signals

In a world which thrives on social media, customer feedback is simply invaluable. Owing to this, you as a website owner have been provided with an immensely powerful weapon, which you can utilize to generate more traffic to your website and generate greater sales. This includes taking the help of your satisfied customers and creating testimonials that speak in good-light about your brand and your products or services.

Even a sales copy that has been written brilliantly can shy away in comparison to the traffic that can be potentially generated through the presence of a dearth of satisfied customer reviews.

Therefore, you must start utilizing this incredible resource and start showing off the gushing reviews of the happiest and satisfied customers that you have. You can include such testimonials and reviews on home pages, pricing pages, product pages and even landing pages.

The inclusion of trust signals is another important aspect that you need to implement. It helps your website become credible and reliable in the eyes of the potential customer. The inclusion of different accreditation that your company might have received is a good way to go about this and increase the trustworthiness of your website. More people start believing in your brand, more will they start buying from you.

7. Add Follow-Up Email for new customers

Customer experience is a long-lasting process, which needs to be nurtured over time. Unfortunately, many website owners do not fully understand the importance of this step and the experience of their customers ends poorly as soon as the product has been bought, and payment for the same has been made.

In order to retain a customer, this is the one thing that a business must never commit. It is important to keep your newly acquired customers hooked to your products, and the creation of a truly useful, considerate and thoughtful procedure for following-up on these customers’ is the best way to achieve that end. It helps increase your online sales volume.
In our experience, we have found that websites which have a robust follow-up structure established in place have the highest amount of recurring customers. The implementation of techniques like detailed summaries of purchases made, proper tracking of ordered products, information about customer service, useful product suggestions will help you increase the loyalty of your customers. It is important that you don’t forget about them as soon as the payment has been made.

The more you provide them with useful attention, the more likely is it that they would become fierce evangelists of your brand. The scope of increasing your brand’s popularity through word-of-mouth marketing also increases exponentially.
Providing exciting discounts or incentives, following up with them over social media, or asking them about how their experience has been via a follow-up email, are some of the ways in which you can create a strong bond with your customers. You must make efforts to forge relationships and not just facilitate transactions.

8. Providing fast, honest answers to questions that potential customers might ask

What better way can you think about endearing your potential customers or becoming favorites for your past customers, than making them feel important. Engaging with them through social media platforms or through chat platforms on your website helps in increasing the brand awareness, sales and customer satisfaction of your business.

Consider the time when you might have commented on a post on a brand’s page and the brand had actually taken the time to reply back to you. Consider the kind of perception that had been created in your mind regarding the brand.

I would consider it safe to wager that the experience you had was more on the favorable end. Providing answers and resolutions in a fast, responsive and attentive manner, helps you create a similarly favorable perception in the minds of your customers.
This increases your chances of converting potential customers and making them more likely to invest and buy from you. Social feedback between users that have been prompted via unsolicited channels is a direct result of such customer engagement strategies, a form of advertising and brand exposure that is indispensable.

9. Send Free Samples to influencers

Every industry and niche in the market has a number of influential people, who might be entrepreneurs in the field, bloggers, vloggers or journalists in the niche. Taking advantage of such people who have an influential effect on the masses and the potential customers in the industries that your company does business in, can be a great way to boost your sales and increase your brand’s awareness. These influencers usually have very large follower-ship on social media sites, with audiences that hang-on ardently to every word or advice that the influencer makes.

You can find influencers that are related to your niche or industry, and let them know about your appreciation for their work through a small gift or token. This will help you endear the influencer and if all goes well; your company might even get mentioned in one of the posts that the influencer makes.

Owing to the huge followership that this person already has, you get a chance to organically boost your sales rate and attract a large number of buyers, interested in buying products from your company.

Apart from the growth in traffic, a stamp of credibility provided to your brand by an expert in the industry is a brilliant step to increase the worth of your brand in potential customer’s eyes.

10. Start a blog

If you haven’t started writing on a blog that deals with the products that you sell or the store that you own, then you are limiting yourself from accessing the many benefits that content marketing can bring to your online business. With the help of content that is informative and made available free of cost to your customers, you will be able to build trust regarding your company or brand in their minds and also keep them informed regarding the various changes and developments in your field. With the help of blogging, you will also have content that you can post on social media and increase your ranking in search engine pages.

A very simple way in which you can approach the venture of writing blogs for your product or the industry it caters to is by collating all the entry-level problems that customers in your industry face, and providing useful utilitarian solutions regarding them.

Solutions can be posted in the form of individual articles on your blog page, thereby increasing your brand’s credibility and value. Tips, resources, and tutorials are other topics that you can choose to be part of your blog posts.

If you are able to create a system of generating high-quality content on a regular basis, you will notice a vast boom in your products sale and online reach due to the presence of search engines, shares on social media and other such avenues.

11. Build an Email List for marketing purposes

An email list that is utilized for the purposes of marketing is absolutely essential in order to promote the growth of your online business. MarketingSherpa had conducted a poll, in which 60% of the respondents had polled email marketing to be a viable method that they have used to create ROI for companies that they work in. As many as 32% of these respondents believe that email marketing has the potential of creating ROI and will eventually generate it.

When these marketing professionals were enquired about the estimations of ROI they had in regards to email marketing a staggering 119% was the unanimous reply. A figure that is so high is something not many online businesses can ignore.

Marketing benefits of having a list of email ids that constitute potential customers and previous customers are many. Having the email list enables you to gain access into the personal mailboxes of such customers and market your product or service comprehensively to them. Moreover, it is hard to reach every single person in your entire customer base simply by relying on posts on Twitter or Facebook. Having access to the mailboxes of these people will enable you to send personalized messages regarding recent developments or updates in your business or industry quickly and comprehensively to every person in your customer base. Including a cleverly implemented email subscription form on a noticeable place on your website is a very precise way of building up your email list.

Another great way to attract customers to opt for such subscription forms is by providing some exciting incentive, which can only be availed once the customer has registered his/her email id successfully.

12. PR stunts (Link referral)

If you have a flair for the melodramatic, pulling a PR stunt might not be a very bad idea for you. Moreover, you increase your chances of securing that first sale tremendously if you happen to successfully pull this off. A well-propelled PR stunt has the capability of providing your brand with instant fame while replacing traditional methods of brand marketing in the process and also gaining you customers and followers that are loyal.

You need to fuel up your creative mind and create a spectacle that is worthy of gaining the attention of the media. Something hilarious, outrageous or unusual is a good way to approach this venture. As a result of such exposure, you get myriad link referrals from news sources which hold authority, therefore providing your website with organic SEO build up over a long time and quick increase in traffic as immediate results.

Looking at these articles about some ridiculous PR stunts pulled by the founder of Virgin, Richard Branson and the top 10 marketing stunts which were successful are a good way to understand how PR stunts work and help your online business. All you require to pull a PR stunt successfully is ample creativity and imagination. Capital and brand size do not matter when it comes to such methods of attracting customers and promoting sales on your website.

13. Start Google AdWords

If you want to lead the market by being the most visited website in your industry, then you need to become the most visible website in the industry. This can only be achieved if you appear on the top of search engine results pages.

Google AdWords is an exciting platform that allows you to take advantage of the immensely popular PPC network provided by the search engine giant, and help you place advertisements for your products and services on almost every relevant results page that Google has, while also allowing you to enjoy the same facilities on partner websites of Google like YouTube.

It is a known fact that most internet visitors don’t go beyond the first 6-7 results in a search engine page and thereby in order to drive your website’s traffic, featuring in the top results is very important. The speed and humongous reach of AdWords is the biggest benefit that it provides. You will be able to set up a robust advertisement campaign within only a few minutes, with the capability of getting your content being seen by various internet visitors all over the World Wide Web.

Targeting customers have never been easier than it is now with the help of Google AdWords. With the help of only a few specific keywords, you would be able to reach thousands of potential customers interested in investing in your service or product in no time.

You also get your advertisements featured on other websites that contain the same keywords that are part of your AdWord campaign. Next Web has released an informative beginner’s guide to building a successful Google AdWord campaign, which can be very useful to you.

14. Use Affiliate Marketing

When trying to sell products online, taking the help of others can be a very wise choice in order to decrease the amount of pressure that you would have had to otherwise undertake.

The marketing responsibilities of your brand’s services and products get shared by other website owners or bloggers, who share your burden and help, market your products through the content that they produce. In response to the marketing assistance that they provide you with, these affiliates charge a certain percentage of the profits that you make from the sale of a product through one of their websites.

In order to track whether the sale which happened on your website was a result of an affiliate’s efforts, you can provide your affiliate marketers with unique hyperlinks that have been specially created to identify their contribution. Whenever a visitor of their website makes a purchase through the use of these links posted on their website, you are able to understand that your affiliate partner has been successful in providing you with a new sale. As a token of gratitude for this help, you share a percentage of that profit with the affiliate marketer.

The success rate of affiliate marketing is greatly dependent on the product type that you are planning to market and the percentage of commission that you have promised to your affiliate marketer.

15. Sell Wholesale to Other Retailers

Yes, granted, consumers are your primary source of income and your preferred and targeted customer base; however, there is no mistake in choosing retailers to serve the same purpose when consumers are not being the most profitable.

You can easily wholesale your products to another retailer and play the role of a wholesaler. Wholesale selling includes you being able to shift a large number of products, and as a direct benefit, you get to enjoy an increase in the company’s cash flow. Your profit margins also tend to become finer by taking on this method of selling-off your products.

Another huge marketing benefit that you can gain by becoming a wholesaler and selling you’re the products of your own company to other retailers is that these retailers go-ahead to market your company’s product, that they had purchased from you, in order to facilitate their own sales.

Therefore, in an effort to clear their own shelves, these retailers help you market your own products, with the added benefit of the products being already sold. As a result of these benefits, wholesaling your products has the potential of increasing consumer sales that your company or website experiences.

16. Pay Attention to Website Analytics

Website analytics are the markers that let you understand, whether the online marketing campaign that you had started is going in the right direction or not. It is important that you review the results website analytics provide you with and act on them accordingly.

Website analytics allows you to gauge into the psyche and behavioral patterns of customers and helps you ascertain the reasons you are able to sell your products and the reasons why you aren’t able to do the same.

Website analytics also provides you with a clear picture of the steps that visitors take after visiting your website, the most popular webpages in your website and the patterns that dictate visitors leaving your website. Availability of specialized tools makes it more interesting, as some of these tools enable you to visit the exact number of times a particular visitor has frequented your website. This allows you to capitulate on and market your products to visitors that are most interested or thinking about buying products or services from your website.

What’s even better is the fact that you can avail these extraordinary services completely free of cost, with the help of Google Analytics. It is important to pay heed to Google Analytics especially in the starting days of your online business.

Keeping a close eye on patterns that indicate a certain step or platform that helps boost your sales, will enable you to build your future campaign on that and create a successful marketing and sales strategy.

17. Use Live Chat or Chatbots

Reiterating the advantages talked about in point number 8, chatbot is a great choice for engaging with your customers and automating the process of interaction with customers.

Customers that your business has might have a number of different queries before or after the purchase of a product and having a quick query resolution or contact center is a must in order to make your business more accessible to the masses. It also helps build trust, as your customers feel that they can reach out to you whenever they want.

With the advancement in AI and machine learning, creating chat bots that are proficient in answering all the common queries that your customers might have, has become extremely easy.

Chat bots also provide you with the advantages of being available to your customers at all times in a day, every day of the week, throughout the year.

You also get to save a lot of money by not having to hire customer relationship employees, as your entire task is being handled by an automated computer system that is capable of tackling multiple customers at a single time.

If you are planning to streamline your process and make your online business more accessible to boost sales, choosing chat bots to deal with your customers is a really prudent choice.

18. Online survey to obtain feedback

In order to perfect something, it is important to take in criticism about the same, and there is no better way to achieve the same than online surveys. With the help of online survey apps easily available on the internet like Qualaroo and Survey Monkey, you can obtain valuable and honest feedback from customers regarding your marketing materials, website or even products and services.

This will help you in taking all the right steps while moving forward with your business and take care of all the incongruences that stand as obstacles for sales growth. The best thing about this method is that your customers won’t shy away from telling you the harsh realities of the faults that you need to correct.

19. Set up a group of retailers

This is one point which justifies the proverb, ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ There is no better way to market your product in this competitive market than to form a coalition with like-minded retailers and market each other’s products in a symbiotic manner. It is important that you choose retailers that are complementary to the services or products that you provide and not direct competitors of the same.

This will enable you to create a cartel of retailers that provide customers with holistic services and products that come complimentary with each other.
For example, if you happen to manage a clothing business, you can set a group of retailers that dabble in the businesses of footwear or jewelry, thereby allowing you to cross-promote each other while mitigating chances of a conflict of interest at all costs.

The choice of keeping this cartel small or big is completely up to you. You have the capability of creating an online merchant’s supportive community that helps each other’s companies to build traction for each other’s businesses.

20. Right relationship with customers

When trying to build a profitable business it is important to remember that your customer is king. Building relationships which are right on both offline and online avenues is a must in order to create a beneficial portal that leads straight to success.
The most important among these is your customers. Your customers are the backbone that creates the success of your company and keeping them happy is the best way to establish a sustainable business model.

A happy customer means greater sales in the future and potentially more customers, given the fact that in the age of social media, word-of-mouth marketing is an indispensable resource. You should always strive towards building the right relationships with your customers with the help of attractive incentives, offers, discounts, and other facilities.

21. Give free stuff or organize a contest

What better way to attract customers that give away stuff free of cost?

Everybody loves things that they get for free, and while launching a sales effort that is relatively new; this method is a terrific way of building trust amongst your customers. Giveaways and contests also help in creating inbound links that are valuable and building a trust factor in customers that cannot be easily ignored.

Your credibility and reliability experience a major boost owing to contests as such. With the help of various applications and services, you can quickly create free online contests that look professional and also do not involve much work. You can create start attracting customers and boosting your sales process immediately.

22. Use Social Networking with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK and Pinterest

In today’s day and age social media has become the most profitable platform to make use of when it comes to marketing your services and products to interested consumers. According to a statistic released by, as many as 2.27 billion people all over the world were active users on Facebook until 30th September 2018.

Facebook is probably the most lucrative social media platform that allows you to market content in every format possible. With the availability of features like targeted advertisements, you can target potential customers based on their preferences, likes and even geographical locations.

Twitter is another giant in social networking, which allows you to generate organic traffic to your website.

Visual representation is one format of content marketing that has gained immense popularity in the present age, and platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have made showcasing your creativity and business’ personality in front of the audience, easier than ever. It is important that you aim for imaginative approaches and creativity when it comes to building up your brand image through the use of these platforms.

23. Create and share Info graphics

Info graphics are exactly what their name suggests them to be. They are a graphical representation of various information that is essential to the marketing strategy that you have in place. This information is depicted in an easily digestible format and proves to be lifesavers when it comes to analyzing and calculating search engine traffic and social shares.

According to a recent study conducted by UnBounce, the increase in searches for infographics on search engines have risen by a staggering 800% in just the preceding two years. You can avail infographics solutions from a lot of different companies offering easy, affordable and comprehensive solutions to this need.

The aforementioned 23 steps are the ultimate guide that you would need to follow in order to increase your online sales and boost your website’s traffic and kick-start your journey in the business world. If you do it right, you would only need to implement a handful of the aforementioned strategies to reap visible benefits in your business and increase your reach and website’s performance.
So stop waiting and embark on your journey towards becoming a successful website owner.