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Automated emails in eCommerce

The Automated Emails

Automated emails in eCommerce

As fancy and sophisticated as it sounds, we cannot overlook the E-mail Automation trend in a generation where the internet rules almost every sector of the world’s business. Also, with all the social media publicity surrounding, it is extremely easy to ignore the fact that E-mail communication remains the most effective channel for propelling the business.

With the global E-mail user base nearing 3 billion, statistics show that people are spending about 20% of their daily time on E-mail usage. Moreover, when it comes to ensuring that the right group of people view the right content at the right moment, E-mail wins! A study suggests that among the companies that chose E-mail Automation, they have a 77% conversion rate.

Now, when it comes to running an eCommerce business, E-mail should be the friendly next-door neighbor, and your customers’ E-mail list is your pot of gold.
If we consider gaining customers through paid search, paid social media promotions, SEO, and so on, the costs climb up very high. Thus comes the go-to motto of eCommerce sites; Automated E-mails.
Nonetheless, maintaining a standard for the different types of E-mails (which we will discuss below) is equally as important as that of acquiring a good bunch of potential customers, and what most companies fail at is the usage of generic and blanket E-mail formats. So, instead of overwhelming every customer with offers, which can potentially cause them to lose interest, using automation to send objective and personalized emails can result in extremely effective, and generate significantly stable revenue per email.

Let’s walk through the various E-mail automation types you should consider and it’s whereabouts to keep the customers engaged and advancing along with the sales funnel

The Automated Emails

Basically, chatbots work on the basis of analyzing users’ requests and returning relevant responses. Hence, allowing users to complete online tasks and get answers to their wonderous queries

1. The Shopping Cart Abandonment Reminder

We wouldn’t be lying if we said that once or more have we added products to the shopping cart list and browsed away from the site, either because we were unsure about buying or to just check how this process works.
The abandoned cart reminders keep that nearly-purchased product fresh in the minds. Also, adding something to the carts meant the customers were considering the idea of purchasing, a gentle push may be all that’s needed to get someone to hit the checkout button and make a purchase.

To boost the conversions with your abandoned cart reminders, you may do the needful:
• Add a title like, “Did you forget something?” that acts as a curiosity-stimulator.
• Provide discounts for the products in the reminder message.
• Let customers know that the product may soon be running out.
• Add a positive user review.

2. Product Review E-mails

These types of E-mails are best suited to be sent after a week’s time a customer makes a purchase. This is another simple E-mail which you can use to implore feedback from the customers. This helps to drive sales as potential buyers use customer reviews during the purchase process.

You can include these needful components in your post-purchase E-mail:

• Start by thanking the customer for making their purchase.
• Ask for an outright review and make it easy.
• You may as well want to display a few similar products to the ones purchased prior, or those that go well with them.
• DO NOT forget to add information about the product care, use cases, or an FAQ.

3. Customer Win-Back E-mails

Simple and effective, win-back E-mails are targeted at inactive customers and subscribers. Especially those who are already accustomed to your business and those who have purchased from you in prior. Beneficially, these are the customers whom you can get to buy from you again!
This is also a medium of delivering customers the trending products, and those matching their previous transactions.

To simplify, win-back E-mails are more than just redemption; they’re a fundamental way of re-engaging and reminding the customers that purchasing from you was the right choice.

Automating your E-mails will undoubtedly help you save your time, and your business in the E-commerce race is made so much easier. Gone are the days when a business succeeded only because of its superiority. It is time you let E-mail automation drive your business on autopilot and work its wonders for your business, and you know whom to contact (us!).



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